Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting ready for Winter Tour 2010

We here at The Pretty Things Peepshow are getting ready for our biggest and best tour yet. We've added the fabulous AURORA NATRIX to the cast and are super excited to have such a stunning beauty in the show. Everyday we're sending each other sewing and costume updates. This will prove to be our sparkliest tour yet! go-go Amy has learned to sew corsets and is busy constructing some amazing costumes for their new opening number while Donny Vomit, Miss Heather Holliday and Lil Miss Firefly and practicing some amazing new skills. Joining us on tour will be our new tour manager Rik Rocket and the "Chuck Norris of Roadies" Johnny Coconutz. And as always our mascot Scraps who now has her own twitter account @Oh_Scraps

Our merch is all at the printers or on it's way to us. We've got a new style of Pretty Things Panties, go-go Amy's bringing her lip glitter and Donny Vomit just cooked up a big batch of Moustache wax (available for presale contact him via facebook) We'll also be having a huge pastie making party the first week in November to ensure that we have enough pasties "to cover every nipple in the house!"

The RV is getting a interior makeover compliments of Mr. Coconutz and will hopefully be a lot more comfortable and safer then on the last few tours.

There's lots to do in only 2 weeks. We'll be posting rehearsal and backstage photos and videos up here so keep checking back to see in inner workings of the peepshow and the pretty ladies who keep it going.

Viva La Peepshow!

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